I blame a chemical imbalance…

•February 15, 2008 • 2 Comments

A retraction of my previous post is in order. Seriously, this will just be a quick post. I like Academics, I enjoy the search for the truth. Truth requires a challenge of conventional wisdom, and frankly, there isn’t enough people out in the world challenging their beliefs. They want things spoon fed to them and are afraid that if they open their mouths, nobody will like them anymore (or they won’t get laid).

Stop being chickenshit and say what you think. I was so proud of the girl in class who was brave enough to disagree with me. Wow, someone risking that they might be wrong! Amazing!

Seriously, why are people so risk averse? what has done that to us? Arn’t we the product of a proud tradition of shit disturbers who decided they wanted to be free of oppression and run their own show?

Stop being scared. you will find it liberating.

PS: I retract my appology. Stop being pussies and grow some self confidence. its sexy you know.


The Saddest Day of the Year

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So this is the saddest day of the year. When love is in the air, even if it is shaded in corporate colors. If I was a brave person, today would be the day to end all my days. Today is a tormenting reminder that life is a cruel thing to live unless you are born with perfect teeth, a perfect weight and a perfect jawline.
Not to mention a fat wallet.

Why does beauty hurt so much, a taunting mistress who is like in the greek story of tantalus, the water he cannot drink to quench his thirst, and the grapes he cannot eat to sate his hunger.

I know I’m not alone, but it doesn’t mean it hurts any less

Here is my valentines day card for this year, one of my favorite sad songs

Its in german, sorry for you  non speakers.. still music is

a universal language I hear

PS: Sorry I’m a loudmouth idiot in class, I can’t help myself..

its like watching yourself drive into a ditch…

Cute Overload

•February 13, 2008 • 1 Comment

In another flagrant display of appealing to the second lowest common denominator (I havn’t begun reviewing porn yet) I am sharing the GREATEST of all cuteness related websites on the internet. I mean look at this and just awwww

PS: Watch the Kitty Cat Animation


CUTEOVERLOAD – My brain is just about to explode from cuteness.

Here is my cutest picture to Boot, i should submit it there one of these days…dsc00952.jpg

What do you think the little chihuahua is thinking eh?

My Favorite Lolcats

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Alright, so In a blatant marketing ploy, I have succumbed to cheap tactics in order to try and obtain hits without having to do any work. Without further adieu, my favorite lolcats.






PS: makes Me wish I could Have a Cat 😛

God Bless Last.fm

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Back a long time ago I was introduced to a piece of software called pandora, which was suppose to help the listener find music that appealed to them. Basically it was internet radio that by making choices about whether or not you liked or disliked a certain song, it would eventually narrow down your genre enough to provide you with new music you would like.

Well, to be honest it kinda sucked for me, No matter what I chose I’d always end up with crap music. Now with legal problems it even requires a proxy now to access unless you are an american. My friend though introduced me to something even better…


It’s like pandora on steroids, and never before have I had such success in finding new music that I like. and hey, when your main interest is german goth and folk metal bands like Lezte Instanz, Lacrimosa and In Extremo its not like MTV is gonna be any help finding new material.

How else are you going to find german rock bands doing covers of gaelic folk songs? Listen to this and rock on people

A Lesson in Appreciation

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The TrollBack when I was going to turn this into a travel blog, I did some looking around and found travelblog.org, a community of travel blogs recording travels by a diverse population of people from all over the world. Never before have I seen such amazing pictures and if anyone wants to see beyond the travelogues and become immersed in exotic locations throughs till images, browse this site…

Two blog posts really caught my attention there though. Both captured exquisite natural jewels of reality, both had a different take on just where they were… I’ll let the reader judge them first…


but when does something gorgeous become something sad?

When you are a whiny complainer who defines yourself and your surroundings by negatives. Here are the most gorgeous, stunning pictures of Jiuzhaigou I have ever seen on the web, and here is the DEFINITION of what makes a bad american tourist. Bitch Moan Complain. Seriously, stay home, or even better, just post the pictures next time…

Now the copacabana shots.. I mean my new years in monterrey mexico rocked But I am definetely planning on a copacabana new years one day… absolutely amazing…

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k, I appologize to my single reader, my imaginary friend Gorg the unmerciful, but this blog needs a change. first off, it is no longer a blog, but is instead a Cauldron of swirling non-existence, or CSNE for short. Why? Well, for starters, think about it for a minute Gorg.

Imagine you are a sculptor in the middle of the wilderness and you come upon a beautiful rock, standing alone in the middle of a forest.

So you tip it over. Does it make a sound? Obviously. You are there to hear it. But is anyone else? No. And so you enjoy the rock for what it is, and you don’t try to sculpt it into something its not. Revel in the beauty of what is natural, a monolithic anchor in the maelstrom of boreal that surrounds it. You are the sculptor by what you don’t do, rather than what you do…

And so where are we going with this Gorg? Let me put it this way. Why assume any of us has a passion that we can write about before we even begin? What if we don’t know what we care about at the beginning of our lives. Its a pretty terrible assumption that we are anything more than what another percieves as “me”. You can only go so far trying tocreate an artificial perception of ourselves. So here whats new…

This CSNE (formerly Blog) is not to be defined by what it is suppose to be about, but rather its up to you, gorg, the reader to decide the theme. Because frankly from now on the random bits of chaos that I enjoy are going into this cauldron, and if it has a theme, great. Nothing in this world happens but by an accident of fate anyways.