I hate being sick. Ever been so sick that you forget what well really felt like? Me too, and it becomes a mission.. a quest.. a lifes ambition, to remember just what it was like to be able to breath through your nose and not have it hurt like a chainsaw taken to your throat.

Having a pharmacy close by really helps for experimenting with just what works, though remember, you are at your own risk for trying anything as stupid as experimenting with painkillers and cold medication (It can Kill, see what happened to Heath Ledger), but this is what I found out:

1. Don’t Mix Tylenol Cold Nighttime with any Anti-Histamine. Apparently what makes Night time drugs work is that they already have an anti-histamine in them. Hot Tip: Coma’s arn’t as restful as one may think

2. Acetominphen w/codiene mixed with Ibuprofen roxors my boxors. Its like Tylenol 3’s without the constipation and the “one night in tijuana” shakes. Especially good for sore throats

3. Most cough drops don’t fricken work. Save you money, buy Halls extra strength… best bang for your buck. Forget strepsils, fishermans friends, generic life brand products, ice… Halls are cheap and effective for about the same time the more expensive ones are. Buckets of menthol are your friend.

4. Alcohol. In small amounts can increase the efficacy of some minor painkillers, but don’t mix it EVER with prescription pain killers. Not worth the risk. i forgot to breath once in vegas, trust me, its not as fun as you think to have a gorilla give you mouth to mouth. (Warning, story made up about vegas)



~ by travellingtroll on February 29, 2008.

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