OMG! Check out our Prof!

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Recently, our esteemed professor was caught blowing up at a local smash bro’s tournament, and we caught it all on tape!

Uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure!


The Fleeting Nature of Great Ideas

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The TrollHave you ever had a great idea, something that would revolutionize the world… or at least inspire you to write at least a readable blog entry that would entertain someone for at least 12-14 seconds… and then completely lose it? I don’t mean lose it in the sense of flying off the handle… but in fact, forget it. Completely. Poof. Gone.

It always happens to me… so here… everything you ever wanted to know about eating healthy as a walking dead

Zombie Food Guide to Healthy eating

Enough Said….

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Enjoy your Lynx and Stuff

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The TrollWell, I’m out for the week, gone to the Big Apple to either sink or swim, or get shot, or tramppled under an endless herd of NY cops during the saint patties day parade…

Meanwhile, I leave a list of interesting reads to tide y’all over till I get back with more picture I’ll never post here, and more stories I’d rather keep to myself  than share with anonymous strangers


Bringing your laptop over the border? Check this out

Solomon was right: Nothing new under the sun, ever, in fact, if anyone ever has a new idea.. 

shoot them. 


The Road is back baby! (See Solomon) 

Try not to get busted in Arkansas…


Saint Patricks Day in New York

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The TrollSo next week I’m headed to New York for a conference at the UN and the Sheraton in Manhattan and I am totally stoked. Not only that, but i found out that I’ll have monday off, and It’ll be Saint Patricks Day!

Outisde of say, Boston (or maybe Ireland, do they celebrate saint patrick there too? heh heh) There is no place on EARTH better to celebrate.

Not only that, the hotel is like 2 blocks from 5th avenue, where the big parade is held. I looked though at the parade pictures from 2007, and realized that this will also probably be the safest place in New York that day, as it was Wall to Wall NYPD the whole parade route.

Totally going to get loaded on Green Beer too! Click on the Beer to Learn How to Make Your Own!

Green Beer

I wish this was my blog…

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The Trollcheck out this blog for a laugh

Its Kinda Embarrasing


In addition to accumulating sexual partners, binge drinking, drug use and learning, white people consider studying abroad to be one of the most important parts of a well rounded college education.

Study Abroad allows people to leave their current educational institution and spend a semester or a year in Europe or Australia. Though study abroad are offered to other places, these two are the overwhelming favorites.

By attending school in another country, white people are technically living in another country. This is important as it gives them the opportunity to insert that fact into any sentence they please. “When I used to live in [insert country], I would always ride the train to school. The people I’d see were inspiring.”

PS nerds, Gary Gygax is Dead !



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I hate being sick. Ever been so sick that you forget what well really felt like? Me too, and it becomes a mission.. a quest.. a lifes ambition, to remember just what it was like to be able to breath through your nose and not have it hurt like a chainsaw taken to your throat.

Having a pharmacy close by really helps for experimenting with just what works, though remember, you are at your own risk for trying anything as stupid as experimenting with painkillers and cold medication (It can Kill, see what happened to Heath Ledger), but this is what I found out:

1. Don’t Mix Tylenol Cold Nighttime with any Anti-Histamine. Apparently what makes Night time drugs work is that they already have an anti-histamine in them. Hot Tip: Coma’s arn’t as restful as one may think

2. Acetominphen w/codiene mixed with Ibuprofen roxors my boxors. Its like Tylenol 3’s without the constipation and the “one night in tijuana” shakes. Especially good for sore throats

3. Most cough drops don’t fricken work. Save you money, buy Halls extra strength… best bang for your buck. Forget strepsils, fishermans friends, generic life brand products, ice… Halls are cheap and effective for about the same time the more expensive ones are. Buckets of menthol are your friend.

4. Alcohol. In small amounts can increase the efficacy of some minor painkillers, but don’t mix it EVER with prescription pain killers. Not worth the risk. i forgot to breath once in vegas, trust me, its not as fun as you think to have a gorilla give you mouth to mouth. (Warning, story made up about vegas)